Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Is a latex mattress hot?


Latexco – Legendary Comfort, Naturally.

America and Europe’s largest manufactures of Natural Latex Bedding.

Latexco’s latex mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows are manufactured using the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly methods of latex foam production in the world.

Latexco bedding is made using the natural milk (sap) from the tropical rubber tree and is manufactured using environmentally friendly methods which leave a low carbon footprint. Natural Latex foam is different to the normal P.U. synthetic foams that are used in most bedding.  Latex is also known for its ‘open cell structure’ which under a microscope has a roughened surface, like cut bread.  This creates a larger surface area, allowing warm stale air to be replaced with fresh, cooler air.

This pioneering approach has led to Latexco ‘re-inventing’ the latex mattress by introducing air-vent technology, which allows optimal fresh air to flow continuously around the mattress, leading to a fresher, healthier and more restful night’s sleep.

Prior to these advancements in manufacture, latex mattresses were produced in a solid slab with a shiny surface or ‘skin’ that didn’t ‘breath’ or ventilate.  This led to latex getting a name for retaining heat.  Times have changed and we are out of the 1970’s and into the 2000’s. Today latex foam bedding is rigorously tested and has been proven to be cooler than many of the lessor quality foams used in other styles of mattresses.

Adding to the luxurious feel of the mattress is the mattress cover itself.  It plays a crucial role in both the feel and temperature of your Latexco mattress. The secret – low profile covers which are as natural as possible.  Avoid covers that are thick and shiny as the filler used in most mattress covers is the same as used for cushions and toys – it is 100% synthetic and doesn’t breathe.  The fluffier the cover, the hotter the cover, as it also obstructs airflow to and from the mattress itself.

When you choose Latexco you can sleep soundly knowing you are doing your part to help the environment by reducing carbon emissions and helping make the planet a better place.

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